Daypack is my Master Thesis, that I created during my time at Lund University School of Industrial Design.

How does a designer affect the environmental impact of a textile product through their design decisions? Making an outdoor backpack today, is not the work of a single artisan, but a process involving multiple stakeholders who work across geographical, cultural, and professional borders. From the moment a backpack goes from being an idea to a product, it starts having an impact on our environment. Our nature. Our trails. So who is responsible for what kind of impact it has? Is it the user? Is it the designer? Is it the manufacturer? Is it the end consumer? This Master Thesis Project was an exploration of the soft product industry to find out what my role as a designer should and could be in making this world more sustainable. Although the designer might not be directly involved in all the stages of the backpacks life cycle, the ideas, values & choices put into the design in the beginning, directly affects the product and everyone involved in the making, using and disposing of it.

A hiking backpack for day hikes, is the physical result of my conclusions from exploring the soft product industry